Hermes Designs Solid Gold Bag For $2 Million [Photo]

Rucuss staffMarch 3, 2012

Hermes is the popular handbag for celebrities these days.

Name a star and there sure to have one or two handbags in their collection. But we’re not sure how many will actually cope Hermes’ newest creation. Hermes and jeweler/shoemaker Pierre Hardy have created a series of bags in honor of the Kelly and Birkin bags for $2 million each.

The Financial Times reports it’s a solid gold Hermés handbag with the handle studded in more than 1,000 diamonds. But the downside is that it won’t hold a pair of sunglasses because of its size. A regular size solid gold bag would be too heavy. So they created one to fit around your wrist. The style was created to give the appearance of a crocodile skin pattern.

There are four versions of the bag, and only three of each will be produced.


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