Here We Go Again: Did Chris Brown Apologize to Rihanna?! [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 17, 2013

Chris Brown has been very forthcoming with his feelings lately.

Last week, Brown allegedly shared a photo on Facebook showing him laying in his ex-girlfriend’s Karrueche Tran’s arms with the caption: “the only time I feel safe is in her arms.” Now it appears he turning his attention to his other ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown took it upon himself to apologize to Rihanna on Facebook.

The Fine China singer publicly addressed how he feels about RiRi and that he wanted her to know that he has nothing but love for her. Check out Brown’s Facebook post and Rihanna’s response on Twitter.


Rihanna replied to Brown on Twitter.

rihanna-responds-to-chris-brown-apology-freddy-o rihanna-responds-to-chris-brown-apology-freddy-o

Before Brown apologized Rihanna posted the photo below with the caption ”Look back at it! #Dat A$$”


The photo gained plenty of likes and comments but the most notable comment came from a fan that mentioned Chris Brown with the statement, “he knew he missed that a$$.

Brown replied, “Noooo you didn’t lol.” Rihanna then commented “she got you there lol brought it upon yourself.” Brown then responded, “keep looking fine like dat hahaha.”

Photos via Facebook and Instagram


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