Nicki Minaj 911 Call Released

rucussadmin1August 4, 2011

In an effort to maintain its credibility on a story posted about Nicki Minaj being struck in the face by her “alleged’” boyfriend while at a Dallas Hotel, TMZ has released the audio of the 911 call that was placed by an employee at the Palomar Hotel. In the audio, the employee places a call to police and tells them that they have a guest in a room that needs to be removed. The employee eventually puts the phone down after an unidentified male approaches him in the background and says ‘Let me see your phone right now, put your phone away.” A woman can be heard in the background yelling, “What did you hit me for, what did you hit me for?” The unidentified male can also be heard in the background asking about his luggage. The employee finally picks up the phone after a few minutes.





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