WOW! A Piece Of Toast is Auctioned Off For $360! [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 25, 2012

The mother of a Buckingham Palace maid claims to have taken a piece of toast while she visited her daughter the day before Prince Charles married Diana Spencer in 1981.

Rosemarie Smith stored the piece of toast at her Derby home for 31 years, the BBC reports. The 83-year old auctioned off the slice of bread for $360 on Thursday.

“At the time my daughter was a maid at the palace and one of her duties was to collect Prince Charles’ breakfast tray from outside his room,” Smith said in a news release, the UK’s Metro newspaper reported. “I was with her in the corridor and saw that Prince Charles had left some toast on the tray. I had been thinking about a keepsake from the wedding and saw the toast and thought to myself: “Why not?”

Smith believed the slice of toast would be worth something after the popularity of Prince William’s wedding and Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee last month. So she decided to put the toast up for auction.

“The slice of toast went to a U.K. buyer,” a spokesman for the BBC reported. “There were two telephone bidders fighting it out for the slice. It was exciting.”


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