Groupies Can Now Buy Fake Pregnancy & DNA Tests to Trap Celebs! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 12, 2013

Celebrities and professional athletes beware.

It’s no secret that some women try and trap athletes and celebrities with pregnancies in order to receive a quick pay day. And it appears it may happen more often. There is a website called with the slogan, “Why make a baby, when you can FAKE A BABY!”

The website sells everything from fake silicon pregnancy bellies to fake ultrasounds and sonograms. seems to have put some thought into every aspect of a pregnancy. It even sells fake silicon pregnancy bellies for twins. Check out some of its products below.

fake a baby

Fake a baby 2

Fake a baby 3

To all you celebrities and rich folks out there, make sure you go with your significant other or jump-off to the doctor. Hopefully, they haven’t paid them off.

Photos via FakeaBaby and


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