Groupie Says Busta Rhymes Allegedly Gave Her Herpes

Jacque AllenOctober 5, 2011

Sex is taking over the world.

Whether its rape or you wanted to do it. Bad things will happen. You can be the jump off of his dreams but one of two things will happen, either you get a text the next day or get herpes.
And that’s what happened to this woman who goes by the name “Heaux.” She claims she slept with rapper Busta Rhymes and he allegedly gave her herpes. She talks about her pain and her experiences on her blog.
According to Heaux’s blog titled “Busta Rhymes Gave Me Herpes,” she was introduced to Busta a.k.a. Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr. by his road manager Fab. They met a few years ago, and from there they kept in contact.
The woman goes on to say she eventually had unprotected sex with the rapper. He was suffering from a cold at the time, which later led the woman to believe he knew he had herpes. Might as well be the way she describes her pain on her blogsite.
“I’m really pissed off and frustrated today! I’m in sooo much pain, Heaux wrote. I haven’t been able to work in almost 3 weeks because of a bad ob I’ve been having on my spine. Worst pain ever, can’t eat, sleep or put on clothes uhhh. Busta needs to be arrested!!! How can someone get away with spreading a infectious virus that they know they have. He is cruel and the most disgusting person I’ve ever met. This is a warning, warning, WARNING stay away from him!!!!!!”
To top it off, she released photos of her butt where the infection is, showing puss and other physical issues (to look at the extremely graphic photos like HERE). Everyone isn’t able to get a second chance. Take this and learn from it.
Great sex, is SAFE SEX.
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