Green Bay Packers’ Fan Reported To Police That Cam Newton Ripped Down His Sign [Details]

Rucuss staffNovember 9, 2015

Diehard Green Bay Packers fan Mike Dobs didn’t care that his team was playing at the Carolina Panthers’ stadium.

Dobs came to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte Sunday afternoon with a Packer’s sign in tow. He hung the sign that read ‘North Carolina Cheesehead’ over the wall in the corner of one of the end zones.

The sign also displayed the state of North Carolina covered in green with the Packers logo in the middle of it. Dobs paid $500 for the sign that usually hangs in his “man room” in his home in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Well, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton didn’t like it. And during pregame warmups he ran up to the sign and tore it off the wall and handed it to a staff member.

“We take pride in having an edge in playing in Bank of America Stadium, of playing in front of the Carolinas each and every week,” Newton said after the game. “I feel it’s my due diligence to protect this house. It wasn’t just about tearing down a sign. It was respect.”

Dobs wasn’t happy about and reported Newton. According to the Fay Observer, Dobs alerted the police in the stadium to the “theft” and also complained to Panthers’ management about it.

“I was just shocked, shocked,”  when Newton grabbed the banner out of his and his family’s hands, Dobs said on Sunday evening.

Dobs believes the sign was destroyed, but said the Panthers are planning on making it up to him. The Panthers went on to win the game, 37-29. With the win, the Panthers improved to 8-0 on the season, including 5-0 at home.

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