Gotcha! Eva Longoria Picks Up Matt Barnes From LAX [Photos]

Rucuss staffNovember 17, 2011

Actress Eva Longoria and NBA player Matt Barnes have some explaining to do.

Longoria and Barnes have both denied a romantic relationship. But if that’s the case, why did Longoria pick up Barnes from the airport? Barnes jumped into Longoria’s BMW and she drove him back to his house where they spent hours together.

This is not the first time the Los Angeles Laker has been seen with Longoria. The two shared a flirty dinner with stylist Robert Verdi and entrepreneur Loren Ridinger at Il Mulino in New York, Page Six reported. Longoria and Barnes even partied with George Lopez at Club Nikki in Las Vegas on Oct. 16.

Longoria immediately denied rumors and tweeted, “Once again, press gets it wrong, matt barnes and I are not dating! We are doing a charity event together for Padres and Athletes vs Cancer. Why is the truth never the headline? Why did I bother to comment when they put your statement at end of articles? #stillannoying.”

Barnes’ ex-fiance Gloria Govan is not convinced. She told Sister2Sister magazine, “I’m not sure if I think they’re rumors. I think at this point having been with Matt, I don’t really put anything past him. He hasn’t directly said, ‘I’m doing this. I’m doing that.’ I’ve heard from some sources that it could be a definite possibility.”

We’re thinking its more than a possibility. Eva has a type, she likes the ballers!

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