Girl Fight! Teyana Taylor Involved in Fight With Stripper at Liv Nightclub [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 19, 2012

Actress Teyana Taylor can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Taylor got into yet another scuffle. The actress/singer was partying at Liv nightclub for Queen Latifah’s birthday. Mary J. Blige, Fabolous, and Wale were some of the celebrities in attendance. It was a fun atmosphere until things took a turn for the worse when Taylor got into a fist fight with Miami stripper, Skrawberry (yes, the name is spelled correctly).

The incident occurred shortly after Blige sang Happy Birthday to Queen Latifah. Skrawberry, who works at King of Diamonds strip club, allegedly approached Taylor’s table and began taunting her. The two exchanged words for a few minutes before Skrawberry allegedly sucker punched Teyana when she tried to put her drink down.

Teyanna’s crew, which was made up of mostly gay male friends jumped in and it became a brawl. Skrawberry was thrown out of the club, but she didn’t leave she waited for Teyana outside.

When Teyana left an hour later, Skrawberry’s sister allegedly ran up on the singer and grabbed her hair and they had a fist fight. Two guys that jumped in shattered a nearby window at the club.

“Teyana and her crew were outside the Fontainebleau hotel, retrieving their belongings that were left inside club LIV from the first bout,” Hazel E, a friend of Teyana told “All of a sudden, [Skrawberry]’s sister runs up behind Teyana and grabbed her hair. The ladies fell into the bushes by the window where two guys that were brawling busted through.”

After the incident, Teyana and Skrawberry took to Twitter to post subliminal tweets about the other. Check them out below:

Teyana tweeted photos of her face and said:

Hahhahahahahahahahahahaha we bout dat!!

Me at this very moment!! hahaha :D

Let Us See You’re Face. :) tell me how it feel? #drakevoice hahahahahah

Your * excuse typo :D but seriously tho. Let’s us see.!!!!! :D

Skrawberry tweeted:

“One thing bout it. I don’t care how many it is. Imma ALWAYS handle mine.

I ain’t even have to be around the 2 round for you to get yo sh-t busted in!!!!

Aye them b-tches AND f-ggots just jumped me… Lol. B-tch couldn’t even snatch my wig off!!!!

Aye that hoe got her sh-t split doe… She ain’t expect that when she walked outside!! I ain’t even have to be there. Ion know what happened.

I can’t tell the story y’all….. Lol I wish I could!!!! Besides. This b-tch will get celebrity off me #WhoKnowsHer

-Get my followers up….. The b-tch broke so she can’t do sh-t else!

Lil are these in denial pics….. Nobody believes you….


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