Girl Fight! Did Kola Boof Pull Kimora Lee Simmons’ Weave While Her Husband Watched?!?

Rucuss staffFebruary 7, 2012

Author Kola Boof and former Osama Bin Ladin sex slave continues to wage a war with Kimora Lee Simmons.

Boof was asked a question by one of her Twitter followers about Kimora’s husband Djimon Hounsou and it led to another Twitter rant. But this time, Boof insinuated that the two may have had a physical altercation. Boof tweeted,” I would be hurt too if my hubby let someone snatch my wig in public and not say a word.”

To be fair, Boof didn’t elaborate on what exactly she was referring to but it does raise a few questions. It was a bold statement to make. Could this be the reason Boof decided to come forward with the cheating claims?

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Boof has made other bold statements in the past but many have become used to her claims that she’s slept with Hounsou. She’s tweeted, “Oh wait…Djimon Hounsou (in a round about way) told me that I was TOO DARK. But he f-cked me many times after Kimora had baby.”

Boof, a former writer for ‘Days of Our Lives,’ even said, “Yeah….I f-ck that bitch husband more than she do. And she know it & don’t say shit about it. She accepts it.”

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Now, she’s takes it a step further with her latest tweets. Check them out below:

Meanwhile, Kimora continues to tweet subliminal messages. After Boof sent out her last tweets, Kimora simply said,”sips tea.”
She tweeted another one the day before.
Djimon finally tweeted but it was before Kola’s latest rant. He said:

And the drama continues….


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