Gilbert Arenas Blasts Laura Govan For Chasing Fame, Then Denies It [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 13, 2015

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is the latest baby daddy to take aim at the Govan sisters.

Matt Barnes blasted his estranged wife Gloria Govan for ‘chasing fame’ last week, and now it appears Arenas is doing the same thing towards her sister. Its unclear why Arenas decided to address ‘people’ wanting to be famous, but he decided to give his opinions on the situation.

It just happened to be around the same time his ex Laura Govan walked the red carpet of The Wedding Ringer. And posed for a risqué photo with Gloria on Instagram. Read Arenas’ rant below.

Gilbert Arenas Instagram Post 2


Gilbert Arenas Instagram post 1

 photo gil4.png

Matt Barnes Blasts Gloria Govan For Risqué Photo With Laura [Details]

After Arena’s rant, many suspected he was throwing shade at Gloria. But he insisted he was talking in general.

“My last post was about the #hollywoodlifestyle not the #govansisters.. Everyone lives life how they see it,not for me too judge or care…as long as my kids are safe #laura is A okay in my book…if everyone is happy with the way they live life then let them be…#2015noshade I just post topics I see…” Mmhmm…

He then posted:

 photo gil5.png

Arenas ended with, “you can’t get back today…never go to sleep angry..each day is a new day with its new problems…let the pass go, u need space to deal with current problems and blessing that may come ur way”

The Govan sisters have not responded.

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