Get’em! Oprah Checks Twitter Follower Over Black Loyalty Comment [Details]

Peaches GrantJuly 30, 2012

People are very bold when they’re sitting behind a computer screen.

Celebrities have to deal with harsh comments daily on Twitter, and Oprah Winfrey is no exception to the negativity. But instead of ignoring the comments, the queen of daytime television decided to reply to one Sunday night.

While Oprah was interacting with fans during an episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass, one Twitter follower by the username of @awalkdattalk thought it was a good idea to question Oprah’s involvement with low-income black communities.

Check out @awalkdatalk question and Oprah’s reply below:

The disgruntled fan didn’t let up. He quickly replied,”@Oprah but its millions of us n everybody isnt classified as african americans. Notice I said ghettos.” He went on to post a few more tweets but Oprah never responded. He tweeted:

“@Oprah @Oprah World just cuz Jay-z came on ur show doesnt mean u helping the hood

All that money, create sum jobs rignt here home in America b4 u spread da wealth with others. #takecarehome1st

Still waiting for an answer not statements this isnt a campaign ad commercial.

@Oprah @Oprah World The world and the ghetto’s want to know. We waitin.

Still not one person in America can name one hood, public housing, block, ghetto. #StillWaitinOprah

Its not just her its everybody “in position

We didnt ask @Oprah @OprahWinfreyBiz @Oprah_World for anything, just a question. And the ghetto still got nothing. Goodnight America

Awalkdatalk is still waiting for a response.


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