Future Put On Blast For Asking Singer For Sex?! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 23, 2015

Future is enjoying the single life since his split from singer Ciara.

But it appears that he may have gone a little too far with an aspiring singer. It all began when upcoming singer Ciera Angelique messaged Future on Instagram about listening to her music.

Angelique wrote, “If you ever looking for an r&b singer/rapper just wanna say hey LOL.” Future appeared to be interested. Check out the exchange below.


Ciera gave Future her number and the two began texting. The aspiring performer didn’t show the photo or comment that she sent Future, but she did show what Future said afterwards. Check out the text exchange below.

Image:  Image #3

Image:  Image #4
We’re guessing after this, Future will stop responding to random direct messages.
Photos via Instagram

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