Future on Ciara: ‘I Only Need One Woman, Her Album Will Be a Classic!’ [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 20, 2013

Future and Ciara don’t mind showing their love for one another.

Ciara is the latest to gush about her feelings for Future on social media. The Body Parts singer posted the photo below on Twitter with the caption: “Happiness. Love. Caring. Bomb. Inspiring. Everything. He Is…❤”

Many of Ciara’s followers assumed it was in response to a recent interview that Future did while he was in Austin, Texas for SXSW.

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During the interview, Future said Ciara was that “perfect” girl he’s been looking for. And he said,”I only need 1 woman.” . Future sat down with Fader magazine to talk about his music, loyalty and what’s it like working with Ciara, who is his label mate at EPIC records.

“It’s great. I just play the role of playing beside her and let her run it the way she run it,” Future said about working with Ciara on her new album. “She knows what she wants. It’s easy working with a superstar who’s done it over and over several times making hits. So outside our relationship, when we’re in the studio, we just go freelancing and just let her do whatever she does as an artist. I’m there to critique what she’s got going on.”

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Future doesn’t end the conversation there. He continues to brag on his girlfriend.

“She’s so professional and intelligent you wouldn’t believe it,” he said. “Behind the scenes, her voice is so big and she’s so empowering. That’s why One Woman Army is going to be one of the greatest albums she releases. Because she took her time with it and overcame a lot. It’s going to be one of those albums that you look back…Today, I’m already  calling it a classic before it comes out.

Watch Future’s full interview below.


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