Funeral Home Knows Who Leaked Whitney Houston Photo [Details/Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 2, 2012

Whigham Funeral Home owner Carolyn Whigham said she knows who leaked and sold the photo of Whitney Houston in her casket to the National Enquirer.

Whigham stood alongside Rev. Jethro James and Ronald Slaughter in a press conference on March 1 to announce the details of her investigation. Whigham, who denied that it was her staff, and the pastors said they know who is responsible but won’t release the name unless the Houston family agrees.

Whigham explained that Houston’s body was at the Central Ward funeral home for five days before it was transported to Whigham. Once Houston’s body arrived a security detail from Nippy Inc., the singer’s management company, was with the body around the clock.

Whigham said the funeral home’s investigation revealed that the picture was taken on Feb. 17, which was a day before services for the late singer. Although the Houston family closed their investigation, Whigham was determined to find out who leaked the photo.

Whigham said the Houston family closed its investigation but she was determined to find out who did it. The Star Leger reports she is considering legal action. National Enquirer is believed to have allegedly paid $500,000 for the leaked photo.

Watch the press conference below.


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