Fred Durst Signs Deal With CBS, Will Star in Comedy

Rucuss staffOctober 15, 2011

You ever sit up and wonder what happened to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst?

Probably not. But for the ones who are curious, Durst has signed a TV deal with CBS and CBS Studios. No, not a music contract but a TV deal.

According to Deadline:

Durst has partnered with CBS TV Studios-based producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum on a half-hour comedy project, which he will star in and produce. The untitled comedy, sometimes referred to as Douchebag, has received a script commitment. It centers around a rock legend looking for balance between his high  profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family. It will be written by Matthew Carlson (Mr. Sunshine) who will executive produce with the Tannenbaums.

Can’t wait to see Durst on TV screen. Could turn out to be a great show or fail drastically.

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