Foxy Brown Sheds Tears, Talks About Jay-Z, Stolen Weave & Summer Jam Rumors [Video]

Rucuss staffAugust 15, 2013

Foxy Brown has had enough with the lies and rumors.

Foxy got emotional when she sat down with MTV’s Rap Fix Live to clear up a few rumors that have been circulating on the Internet about her. The Brooklyn rapper broke down in tears during an interview with Sway Calloway.

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“When it’s just completely redundant, when it’s negative stuff being said constantly, it becomes annoying,” Foxy said. “It becomes tiring. I have tears in my eyes right now because what I’ve been through, you guys don’t understand. The fact that somebody can just lie and it becomes a trending topic, where everybody is talking about it, and you have to constantly come out of the booth and stop what I’m doing to defend a lie.”

Brown admitted that she doesn’t like the negative press and wished the haters just left her alone. Check out excerpts from the interview below.

On the rumor that she accused Jay-Z of giving her an STD when she was 14:

“Keep in mind that this wasn’t in Time Magazine, Daily News, People, XXL–it was an article. An anonymous blogger who can be somebody from  Wisconsin named Joe Sho Midget. First of all, anybody that knows me, knows that my mom is an educator. The way I speak alone, my diction alone negates everything. That’s not even how I speak. Two, anybody that knows me knows how much I love Jay period. Have you ever heard Foxy dissing Jay Z or Jay Z dissing Foxy ever? So we are gonna wait 15 years later and start calling people out of  the blue? Horrible things were said.

Was I shocked when Jay said the line [I never stuck my cock in the Fox box]  in ‘Picasso Baby’, yes? We have a history that supersedes music. We sit back and  we laugh at those rumors. I think he began to feel the pressure because people  were saying my age. She was 15 and 14 and after a while that gets to a person. The Jay I know, The Shawn I know, never comes out of character and that’s my  point. I think that’s where the tears came from earlier because people don’t  understand that it does affect people more than you think.”

Foxy Brown Stiffs Hair Stylist for $900 in Weave, Woman Puts Rapper on Blast! [Video]

Foxy Brown

On the rumors that she stiffed a hairdresser for $900:

“I wasn’t shocked because I know people. Excuse my language when I say, ‘N*ggas!’ My mom has this saying when she says ‘N*ggas.’ I come from a long lineage of strong  Trinidadian women. Beautiful and  intelligent women –those morals have been instilled in me as a child and when  you see stuff like that….This particular hair situation – Who says those  things?

I’ve decided that I’m gonna make an example of her. If no other artist is  bold enough to say, ‘I’m gonna sue this person. You are not going to get away with straight accusing someone.’ You run up on somebody in a grocery store with  a phone, who does those things? Reputable people don’t do that. And what was  alleged from this beast was something that’s never been attributed to my name.  Ever. Foxy is known for two things, fashion and hair. People throw clothes at  me. Every hair house in America, they throw…We get shipments every day of the  best hair in the world so when someone runs up on you with a phone, [then sends  it to blogs], there is an ulterior motive here. So I said, “You know what? I’m  gonna flip it.” For so many years, they’ve been trying to get me to do a hair  line so since I got all this press, I’m going to do this boutique collection and just shut the game down. So I’m announcing  that, I have a new line of hair coming out.”

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On why she didn’t perform with Fabolous at Summer Jam (She was rumored to share the stage with Lil’ Kim during Fabolous’ set, but was reportedly running late):

“The story is not true. Foxy Brown was never late. Let’s just say that it wasn’t orchestrated properly. If we can orchestrate a situation where it’s real, then I’m with it. If it’s not real, I’m not with it. And it wasn’t real as you can see. She [Lil Kim] was defiant from the moment he even said my name. She said, ‘I don’t want to perform with her.’  I said, ‘Fab, it’s not genuine.’”

Watch the interview below.

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Get More:
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Get More:
Foxy Brown, RapFix Live, Full Episodes

Get More:
Foxy Brown, RapFix Live, Full Episodes

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