Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman is Broke, Sick and Behind on Child Support! [Details]

Johnnie WaltersMarch 27, 2012

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is the latest professional athlete to have money woes.

Rodman was in court Tuesday morning because he’s behind on his child support and alimony payments. In court documents, it states that Rodman is ‘extremely sick,’ ‘broke’ and is in no position to pay the hefty payments.

Rodman’s attorney, Linnea Willis, said the former Chicago Bull star is barely capable of paying for his living expenses, let alone the $5,000 he has for one child from another relationship, and the $4,500 monthly payment for spousal and child support to Michelle Rodman.

The Los Angeles Times reports, Rodman owed $808,935 in back child support for 9- and 10-year-old children that he had with his third wife, Michelle Rodman as of March 1. Rodman also owed $51,441 through March 1 in back spousal support, according to an attorney for his ex-wife.

Rodman’s attorney states in the documents that his illness and a decline in marketability is preventing Rodman from paying up.

Rodman’s manager, Darren Prince, told that his client has a “well-documented drinking problem, and all the stress from the divorce and not seeing his kids isn’t helping. As people know, it’s a daily struggle. He has good days and bad ones and good weeks and bad weeks.”

His most recent business endeavor was launching a topless women’s basketball team with a New York strip club. There’s no word of how much money he makes a year. He faces up to 20 days in jail for failure to pay spousal and child support.


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