Floyd Mayweather Wins Fight, Tells Larry Merchant “You Ain’t Sh*t!”

Rucuss staffSeptember 18, 2011


Victor Ortiz never saw it coming. Or did he?

If you missed the Ortiz-Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight, you missed plenty of fireworks at the MGM Grand Hotel arena Saturday night. Mayweather won but the win came with plenty of backlash to go along with it.

You see, Mayweather won with a couple of questionable blows. While Mayweather fans will defend the undefeated champ by saying he gave Ortiz a dose of his own medicine. Ortiz fans will claim the punches were dirty and uncalled for.

Nonetheless, the judges didn’t think so. Mayweather won for the 42nd time, making no apologies afterwards. The controversy came during the fourth round.

Viewers were stunned when Ortiz head butted Mayweather. It was a move that cost him a point. Ortiz did his best to apologize with hugs and kisses afterwards. They embraced for a second time in the center of the ring as the referee seemed to indicate that the two fighters continue.

While Ortiz looked off to the side with his hands down, Mayweather two-pieced him. He gave Ortiz a left hook and then a right that sent Ortiz to the canvas. Ortiz struggled to get up before the referee counted him out in the fourth round.

But even before the questionable blows that won Mayweather the fight. He was ahead on the judges scorecard. He probably would have dominated the remaining rounds if the head-butt didn’t occur.

Mayweather was guaranteed $25 million, along with a percentage of pay-per-view ticket sales. Ortiz took home $2.5 million.

After the fight, Mayweather let loose on HBO commentator Larry Merchant. When Merchant kept pressing Mayweather about the punches, Floyd shouted:

‘You never give me a fair shake. HBO needs to fire you. You ain’t shit.”

Larry responded, “If I was 50 years younger, I would kick your ass.”


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