Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Wears Old Coogi Sweater to All Star Event, 50 Cent Tags Along [Photos]

Rucuss staffFebruary 26, 2012

Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is in Orlando for All Star weekend.

Mayweather and his friend 50 Cent arrived Friday to party and attend as many events as possible. The duo sat courtside to watch the skills challenge, three-point shootout and dunk contest Saturday night. 50 wore his usual baseball cap, fitted T-shirt (to show off his biceps) and jeans.

But many overlooked the rapper once they caught a glimpse of Mayweather. Floyd must have had a flashback when he agreed to wear his outfit. At first glance, its like you’re back in 2009.

We understand that celebrities are free to wear whatever they want. But a old’ ass Coogi sweater?He could have at least picked one from the current collection, not one from 2008-2009. His jeans even look starched to a crisp. We almost thought we saw a crease.

Hey Floyd, your jewelry looks great but you fail with that outfit. Fire your stylist immediately! If you picked that ensemble out yourself then hire a stylist quick. You need one badly. That is all.


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