Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says He’s Still Engaged To Shantel Jackson

Rucuss staffSeptember 26, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is finally addressing rumors about his relationship with Shantel Jackson.

Mayweather revealed to Howard Stern on Wednesday that he is still engaged to Miss. Jackson, despite rumors that the two had broken up. Stern probed the undefeated boxer about his love life and got things going by saying he heard Mayweather was engaged but broke up.

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“No, no, no. I mean that’s just the media,” Mayweather said. “Yeah, we still engaged. She’s my better half. Miss Jackson. She’s cool, she’s just my better half.”

Then Stern asked when they were going to get married. Mayweather admitted that it wasn’t a high priority.

“We’re not really focused on marriage right now. I’m going to focus on taking her career to that next level. It’s about me being an asset, helping my better half,” Mayweather said. “We just prefer to take our time. Eventually it’s going to happen, but not right now because I’m very, very busy and I’m focused on my career and my contract. I feel like if it’s not broke, why try to add on, try to fix it?”

Besides,  it was revealed last week that Jackson officially changed her last name to Mayweather two years ago. Stern changed the subject and asked about the strip clubs and all the other women in Mayweather’s life.

Mayweather claimed Jackson was comfortable with him going to strip clubs. He said she goes with him. But he made sure to let listeners know that he goes to respectable topless-only gentleman’s clubs, not trashy, fully-nude strip clubs.

Mayweather also made it clear that he doesn’t sleep with strippers and that if he does get oral sex from a woman, it’s with a condom on. Guess, Mayweather forgot that their is photos out there of him making it rain at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. Its a fully nude strip club.

Listen to that part of the interview below.

Photos via SandraRose.com and Necole Bitchie


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