Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Baby Mamas Fight At Event, Argue On Social Media

Rucuss staffSeptember 2, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. can’t seem to stay away from drama when it concerns the women in his life.

Mayweather’s baby mamas Josie Harris and Melissa Brim traded insults at a promotional event for the boxer at the Palms Casino and Resort over the weekend. Then the screaming match spilled over to social media.

Harris accused Brim of wearing Mayweather’s ex-fiance Shantel Jackson’s hand-me-downs. She also taunted Brim for allegedly sleeping with Nelly, who is now dating Shantel. Brim fired back with a insult about Harris gaining weight.

Read the exchange below.



  After the two traded insults, Brim got the last laugh. Brim posted the photo below of her and Mayweather at Saturday’s event.



Watch footage of Mayweather’s baby mamas arguing below.

Photos via Instagram


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