Floyd Mayweather Jr. Insults Nelly & Shantel Jackson During Interview, Nelly Responds

Rucuss staffMay 3, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. could careless about his upcoming fight against Marcos Maidana in the welterweight unification fight in Las Vegas.

No, the boxer is more focused on bashing his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson and her rumored boyfriend Nelly. Only a day after revealing that Jackson aborted their twins, Mayweather has decided to take a few jabs at Nelly as well.

During an interview with Big Tigger on Atlanta’s V-103 on Friday afternoon, Mayweather calls Nelly broke and make sure he knows that Miss Jackson is accustomed to a lavish lifestyle.

Floyd Mayweather Says He Ended Engagement After Shantel Jackson Aborted His Twins

Read a few excerpts from the interview below.

On Nelly:

She’s [a friend of Floyd’s who dated Nelly] like, ‘He’s on steroids. He’s broke. He has no money.’ She’s like, ‘He had to borrow a lot of money from Ashanti. Over half a million dollars from Ashanti. And I used to always say, basically, ‘That’s not my business.’ Anything happen in life, you could be at the top today and at the bottom tomorrow. I don’t have anything negative to say about him.

Like I said before, I can remember early on in 2000, he had that big album, Country Grammar. I was proud of him. As a black man, I’m proud of him. Even if he has problems, I could care less. I wish him nothing but the best. I want him to continue go out there and make music. I want him to continue to go out there and be the best that he can be. Because I’ve seen him at my fights, supporting me even though he had said some negative things about me as far as, ‘I’ve hung out with this girl that Floyd know,’ or ‘I hung out with that girl Floyd know.’ I’m not gonna do the same.

His advice to Nelly on moving forward with Jackson:

“I don’t want to say anything. Everybody handles situations in a different way. They handle it how they want to handle it. You just got to know when you getting with Miss Jackson, you cannot be cheap because she’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle. She’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle because she was dealing with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather so she’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle and she’s going to want a lot.

On Jackson:

I’m not mad about any relationship or them [Nelly and Miss Jackson] hanging out. She [Miss Jackson] like to come and tell me, ‘Well, it’s all for publicity. I gotta do what’s best for me. I’m using it as stepping stone so I can get my reality show started.’

I was in my house just before training camp, or at the beginning of training camp, and we were together, sexually. So now she’s at a point where she’ll do anything for fame. Remember her bio on her Instagram page used to say ‘aspiring actress and model.’ Now it says, ‘I’m living my life’ and just look at the videos and look at the stuff that she posts.

I am going to be the bigger person. I’m going to say I apologize about things I’ve done in the past that I shouldn’t have done. Because I’m not perfect. I know I’ve been there for her as a friend, not just a fiancé but as a friend. I know my good outweighs my bad. A lot of pretty women are very insecure because if you feel like you’re a naturally beautiful woman, don’t mess with your nose, don’t mess with your cheeks, don’t mess with your chin, don’t mess with your breasts, don’t mess with your ass. But even if she did wanna do that, I loved you from the beginning no matter how your face looked, your breasts look or your butt looked. Everybody’s entitled to what they wanna do, but don’t just criticize people doing it when everything on you is work.”

On how he feels about Jackson now:

“…right now it hurts my feelings that she’ll do anything for fame. I feel like that’s degrading yourself. I want her to be very, very, very careful but with all that said and done, I can not say I don’t love her because if I say I don’t love her then that means it wasn’t real from the beginning.

I love the person I thought I loved. I love her mother. I love her family as far as her siblings. I love her brothers. I love her sisters. Like I said before, when you get with a guy like Floyd Mayweather, take advantage. Take advantage of the situation. It’s just being smart. There’s no way your mother should be still living in a very, very, very dangerous neighborhood in a very, very, very bad area. There’s no way you should be sitting courtside…

I stressed this to her a long time ago about success. Focus on your clothing line, focus on writing a book, focus on getting a magazine. Be a successful woman because like I always say, ‘You got a lot of famous people that walk the red carpet with a million-dollar face, but nothing in their bank accounts.’ To where you have successful people that’s never walked a red carpet, but can walk in any bank. So I’m being honest, with the baby thing I was just truly, truly hurt.

On if his personal situations will have any bad effects on his fight tomorrow night:

Like I said, nobody is perfect. We strive for perfection every day. Nobody is perfect. I was joking the other day. I said God only made one thing in this world perfect and that’s my boxing record.

After Mayweather’s interview went viral Nelly went on social media and made sure he cleared up a few things. The St. Louis rapper said he never backstabbed Mayweather and the two were never friends. But he never addressed what Mayweather said about his financial situation. Read Nelly’s Instagram post below.

 photo khoi98989.png

Nelly also added another post shortly after.

 photo nddfddffdeffe.png

Even Mayweather’s ex-friend 50 Cent decided to get in on the action. But he only made fun of the boxer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 6.36.45 PM

Watch 50 Cent’s hilarious video below.


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