Floyd Mayweather Jr. Allegedly Had Employees Brutally Beaten

Rucuss staffMarch 12, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t play when it comes to his jewelry.

Mayweather reportedly ordered the beating of two employees he suspected of stealing jewelry from him. The two men have allegedly hired legal representation since the incident.

TMZ reports the two men who were beaten were hired by Mayweather to work at his Las Vegas homes. After some jewelry went missing, Mayweather suspected the men of the theft. The boxer allegedly arranged a meeting with the men at an off-site location.

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When the men showed up, they were allegedly beaten by Mayweather’s goons nearly to death. The goons used weapons including clubs to beat up the two men.

The two men reportedly suffered broken arms and legs and were hospitalized for several days. They denied stealing the jewelry, and Mayweather believes that now. But its a little too late because the men have hired a lawyer.

If Mayweather is charged with a crime associated to the attack, this won’t be his first brush with the law. Mayweather served three months in jail for allegedly beating up with baby mama in 2010.


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