Floyd Mayweather Jr. & 50 Cent Baby Mamas Tell All! [Details]

Peaches GrantMay 7, 2012

While Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and best friend 50 Cent were in Las Vegas for the big fight this weekend, their baby mothers were busy revealing dirty secrets about their past.

Mommy’sDirtyLittleSecret.com interviewed Josie Harris and Shaniqua Tompkins and they gave some juicy details about their relationships with the best friends. Tompkins is the mother of 50’s 15-year old son Marquise and Harris is the mother of Mayweather’s three kids, who are eight, 11 and 12-years old.

Harris is writing a tell-all book about her relationship with Mayweather. She said she will reveal intimidate details about their tumultuous relationship, which included the 2010 assault that led to Mayweather being sentenced to 90 days in jail. Mayweather, who assaulted Harris in front of their kids, became furious after he found text messages from another man in her phone. He begins his sentence on June 1.

Tompkins reveals her side of the story when 50 tried to evict her from her home. She also believes he was the one that burned down the house. She thinks he’s still bitter over their breakup and that he allegedly abused her a few times. She also reveals 50 had a fling with Megan Good!

Check out a few excerpts from the interview with Mommy’sDirtyLittleSecret.com below.

How’s your relationship with Floyd? With all the cheating and domestic violence, do you forgive him?

Josie Harris:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a d***.  I have forgiven him, I’m over it.  I did my s***. I’ve hit him over the head with a Tonka truck when I found out he was cheating on me.  We had a pretty volatile relationship.  Anyone who knows us, knows that. For him to put another ring on another chick’s finger, then come over to my house and try to control me and who I’m having sex with (C.J. Watson)… I mean that’s just him.

She ain’t the only one that got a ring.  He the ring master, there’s a couple people that got a ring.  He’s just about that life.  I didn’t deserve the abuse, my kids didn’t deserve to see that.  We have gotten into to it before but what was most disturbing is that my son had to get help for me because had no idea how long it was going to last.  Floyd’s bitch-ass friend was watching the whole time as he put his hands on me, he even tried to block my kid from leaving.

So where do you stand with C.J. Watson now?

Josie: He put the running shoes on. Floyd was ringing his phone, C.J. even had to change his number. But he is a very nice guy – with a very controlling mother.

How long was the violence in you and Floyd’s relationship going on?

Josie: It started from the beginning, not the very, very beginning but it escalated.  We started feeling like we were each other’s possessions. If I wasn’t violent with him, I’d get violent with the b*****s.

How is your relationship with 50 right now?

Shaniqua Tompkins: It has its ups and downs. It’s a hard relationship to explain.  He’s a bitter man, very bitter.

Why is he bitter? Because you tried to sue him for $50 million?

Shaniqua: I didn’t sue him, he took me to court for child support, he sued me for defamation of character.  The only time I tried to sue him is when he tried to evict me and his son from our home, the home he promised to give me.

Why did he sue you for defamation?

Shaniqua: Because at the time the house burned down, I was asked in public who I thought burned my house down and I said he (50 Cent) did.  When your money’s very long you can pay someone to do something. But that’s still you doing it, you’re just as guilty.

Did 50 ever get violent with you?

Shaniqua: Yes. When he put his hands on me in front of my daughter is when I knew the relationship was over. I’d never fight any of the girls he was messing around behind my back with though. Hoes are going to be hoes. I did have to call Meagan Good once. She claimed 50 was just a friend and he was helping her to get over a break up. She played her part well, as a good mistress does.

Are you still in love with him?

Shaniqua:  No, I love 50 like a cousin maybe; I’m not in love though.

How do you two feel about 50 and Floyd’s relationship?

Josie:  You mean their bromance? They’ve been friends a long time. (Josie and Shaniqua look at each other and laugh.)

Both 50 and Floyd are publicly with other women…how does that make you feel?

Shaniqua: 50 still won’t admit to me he is dating her (Daphne Joy). He won’t talk about her or them dating. He does NOT acknowledge her to me, Crazy! She will learn. (Laughs)

Josie: Ms. Dade, as in Dade County, Florida, where she’s from (Shantel Jackson) is in it for the money. She is controlled. Let me tell you how crazy it all is… they just announced on the radio that they are getting married on my birthday!  C’mon…he knows what he’s doing and what type of woman agrees to that?

Read more of the interview here.


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