Florida Woman Arrested For Pimping 15-Year Old Daughter to Super Bowl Fans

Rucuss staffJanuary 31, 2014

A Florida woman is behind bars after allegedly trying to pimp out her 15-year old daughter to Super Bowl fans in New York.

Yolanda Ostoloza, 39, admitted to transporting her daughter out-of-state to earn money, the New York Daily News reports. The 15-year-old was caught during a police sting.

“We came up here to work and make money with a pimp,” Ostoloza allegedly told police according to court papers. “I knew it was for escorting and prostitution.”


Police officers searched for prostitutes online and set up an encounter with the girl at the New York Hilton. They agreed to pay $200 for sex. As they were arresting the accused prostitute she told them she was only 15 and that her mother was waiting nearby, according to the complaint.

When officers arrested the mother, she reportedly told them she thought her daughter was only going to do the “fetish stuff.”

Ostoloza is charged with promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child, which are both misdemeanors. The 15-year old was given a protection order and turned over to child protective services.

Police are conducting massive crackdowns on the sex trade in advance of the Super Bowl.


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