Another Fire Your Stylist Moment: Serena Williams

Rucuss staffOctober 19, 2011

Can someone help Serena Williams, PLEASE!

Poor thing tries so hard to be relevant in fashion but continues to fail. Take a look at this ensemble. She does a good job with placing her Hermes belt with a black outfit. She rocked a see-through tank with a pair of ragged jeans, fitted-leather jacket and peep toe Loubitins.

From the back she looked fierce with her curly extensions until you get a whiff of the top of her head. You can clearly see a bald-spot, OMG!!

Williams and Brittny Gastineau was spotted leaving dinner last night in Hollywood. So my question is why didn’t her good friend tell her that she had a huge patch in her head? The bald spot is the size of Alabama. Ok, maybe not that big but its big enough.

Serena, honey, you have way too much money to walk around looking like someone who has alopecia. Lets get it together, PLEASE!!

Check out the video.

(Photos via Splash)

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