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Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


As many of you know, I am an accessories girl.

I love just about anything bold in color, sparkly or chunky. One day while I was trolling INSTAGRAM timeline (Follow me @such_a_fn_lady on IG if you aren’t already ) one of the bloggers I follow liked a picture of this chunky gold bracelet.

I clicked the photo to see it full screen and I was in love. So I checked out the rest of this user’s photos. It turns out this sassy little lady actually makes and sells the jewelry in her photographs. This little lady is Emily of DERNG.

DERNG is a jewelry and custom rhinestone apparel company for ladies, babies and pets. The company is based out of Houston, Tx. I have to say out of all the jewelry makers/designers I’ve interacted with since starting this blog she is BY FAR the nicest and most humble. I have nothing but good things to say about her and DERNG.

Here are the items I have purchased:

g Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


g and silver Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


neck Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


silver Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


Each item comes packaged in pink and white chevron patterned paper bags with a personalized note from Emily, thanking you for your purchase!

I received my order within a day of placing my order. It was very well secured in a first class USPS envelope. ** I live right outside of Houston so the turnaround time was uberfast for me. Based on comments left on Twitter and Instagram, shipping is fast to most places in the US.

The quality of each of my pieces is superb.  AAAAAA+++++. I have similar jewelry from other designers such as HRH Collection and Love Chichi and DERNG knocks both out of the park!!  That’s a huge statement in itself because HRH Collection has wonderful pieces and has developed a bit of a cult following due to its growing popularity in the Blogger and YouTube communities. But of all of the HRH pieces I have, DERNG is just better with price, quality and availability.

Each piece has weight but is not heavy. When wearing it I feel very secure that it won’t slip off my wrists. Most of her pieces are equipped with a lobster claw or toggle clasp.

The chains are sturdy and durable and I don’t worry about damaging them if I accidentally bang my wrist on something. Which I did while writing this article.

I can’t say enough about the quality of DERNG. I am still floored that such amazing quality baubles are being sold at these prices. If I saw a random woman on the street wearing a DERNG bracelet or necklace, I would assume she paid at least $150 for it. That’s how exceptional they are. I would gladly sport my DERNG pieces next to any Marc Jacobs, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, CC SKYE bauble!

I have to take my hat off to Emily because she could sell her jewelry for A LOT more than she does and still be successful. Women would buy them because their exceptional quality alone. But she doesn’t and that says so much to me about her character.

She takes time to purchase best materials for her jewelry and then offer the finished product at a reasonable price. Most women cannot afford to spend upwards of $200 on one piece of jewelry. It’s just not feasible in today’s times.

I cannot stand behind or support individuals or companies that knowingly overcharge the consumer because they can. I fully understand the concept of supply and demand concept. And I agree with the notion of “you get what you pay for,” but it is completely out of line to sell a product that costs you $10 in materials to make for $90 or more. That’s cruel and completely uncalled for. Back to the subject at hand. This article is not about that.

Some other jewelry makers should take note. I am by no means speaking negatively on any of the other companies mentioned in this article or any other company out there selling similar style of jewels. I am just stating my opinion.

I am so in love with this company that I won’t buy this type of jewelry from anyone else. If you’re interested in a DERNG bauble please visit her Etsy shop  Emily is always restocking and debuting pieces.

Here are a few of my favorites:

chaw Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]

THE BOND, $25.00

yiii Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


oopo Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


iiityty Arm Candy Featuring DERNG [Photos]


Chunky jewelry is a big trend for 2012!! Get yours NOW!! Follow DERNG on Twitter and Instagram @DERNG.

Emily’s blog: and website

DERNG images via

Be sure to tell Emily I sent you and Happy Shopping!!!

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