Fantasia Co Host’s ‘The View,’ Tells Women To Stay Away From Married Men [Video]

Rucuss staffJanuary 21, 2014

Fantasia has learned from her mistakes and is ready to give advice to anyone who will listen.

The former American Idol winner co-hosted The View on Monday and talked about her broadway show After Midnight and even took a moment to squash rumors that she’s battling depression.

Fantasia on Antwaun Cook: “We Are Not Together, I Think it’s the Best Thing For Us.’

“I’m not depressed, I’m blessed,” Fantasia said. “I think when you carry that, people will try to nit and pick and try to find things that used to break Fantasia, but that Fantasia is gone.”


The discussion shifted to Being Mary Jane where the ladies began discussing infidelity. Fantasia advised viewers to “run fast” from a man with “baggage.”

“If you’re going to go into a new situation, there’s no need to take the old baggage with you regardless of what they had going on,” Fantasia said. “But if that is the situation, run, run, fast as you can, can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

The Lose To Win singer had a public affair with Antwaun Cook while he was still married to his wife, Paula Cook. She filed a lawsuit against the singer for coming in between their marriage. The trial and the bad press led Fantasia into a deep depression that led her to a prescription pill overdose that almost claimed her life.

Fantasia’s Baby Daddy Antwaun Cook Back With His Wife! [Details]

Fantasia and Cook are no longer together, but do share a son. Cook is back with his wife. Watch Fantasia talk about marriage at the 6;33 mark below.


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