Fan Wants to Be Dwight Howard’s Sixth Baby Mama, Tells Her ‘It’s Not Lady Like’ [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 23, 2013

Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard tries to keep his personal private.

But rumors continue to run rampated that Howard has five children with five women. The problem is Howard only claims one child that he shares with former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed publicly.

If the rumors are true, Howard has managed to keep the women on a tight leash with only clues to suggest otherwise. And one fan decided to push Howard’s buttons earlier this month.

A female fan wanted to get a rise out of Howard so she brought a sign to a game against the Portland Trailblazers that read,”Dwight, I’ll be your 6th baby mama!” She even posted the sign on Twitter and mentioned him to make sure that he saw the poster.


And it worked. But not in the way she hoped for. Howard didn’t find the sign amusing.

Dwight-Howard-baby-mama-sign-1 Dwight-Howard-baby-mama-sign-2
Someone who may have insight into Howard’s personal life decided to get in on the conversation. The aninimous person claimed his current girlfriend Christine Vest was pregnant.


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Neither Howard or Vest has responded to the claims. But Vest was spotted at a recent Lakers game looking pregnant in possibly her second trimester. Below are photos of Howard’s other kids’ alleged mothers.

Black Media Scoop reports Reed allegedly tweeted the photo above with the caption; “You can say what u want but there’s no drama between us! #SiblingLove! Love u girl @hopealexa always!”

Although, Howard comes across as childish at times with his goofy speeches, he appears he doesn’t want to come off as your typical professional athlete who can’t keep his private parts in his pants. But if that’s the case, he may need to invest some of that $19 million salary into some condoms.

Photo Black Media Scoop and ESPN


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