Fan Says a Waka Flocka Flame Concert Ruined Her Marriage! [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 5, 2013

Waka Flocka Flame may be known as a rapper with gang ties and a occasional beef with people in the industry, but he also very kind to his fans.

A woman named Dianne D, who works as a social media communications advisor for a company in Florida, befriended the Atlanta rapper on Twitter after she notices that many rappers were better at social network marketing than most experts. She began following Waka for that reason and he eventually followed her back. The two started sharing retweets.

Dianne believed the contact with Waka gave her “happiness, more followers, and credibility.” From this breakthrough, she began reviewing up-and-coming artists, some of them rappers. Meanwhile, Dianne’s husband absolutely hates rap. When Dianne revealed her plans to attend an  upcoming Waka Flocka show, her husband tried to keep her from going.

In the end, she loss her marriage over it. But she’s not upset. In fact, she’s happy about the split. In a blog titled, How a Waka Flocka Flame Concert Ended My Marriage and Saved  My Life. she recounts the events leading up to the split.

Here’s what she writes:

“When I knew Waka was coming to Ft. Lauderdale, my husband basically said he  wouldn’t prevent me from going (as if) but he didn’t want me to go. When I  didn’t immediately agree not to go, things got worse. He basically implied that  (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘many black men would be putting their bodies in close proximity to mine.’ Also, ‘since I was so enamored of Waka, if Waka asked, I might go out clubbing with him and end up doing something I’d regret.’

I feel fairly attractive. I’m 53 now (52 at the time of the concert) and I  try to keep myself presentable. I don’t have as many lines and wrinkles as some  women my age, and I’ve been told I look much younger than my true age. But…as  attractive as I may or may not be, I know as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow  that Waka and I were not destined to go clubbing together. And, nice thing to say to your wife.”

Dianne defies her husband and goes to the concert anyway. She even meets him backstage and they take a photo together.

“So, basically, the experience with my ex of the Waka concert made my mind up  for me. It was time to make that break, and live my life without looking over my shoulder or being beholden to an immature man who didn’t appreciate me or the interesting turns my life might take. We’ve been divorced for a few months now. I couldn’t be happier.”

Read the entire post on her site, here.

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