Fabulous Jackets and Blazers Under $100

Rucuss staffSeptember 11, 2011

There’s no need to panic.

Soon enough, the extreme heat will be a thing of the past and jackets and coats will be needed to combat the cool temperatures. But never fear, the following pieces, which range from $29 to $100 should help keep your budget in tact during these tough economic times.

Rubbish Fitted Knit Duffel Jacket

Nordstrom, $74.00

Ruffle Collar Pleather Jacket

Charlotte Russe, $44.99

Collection B Faux Shearling Trim Bomber Jacket

Nordstrom, $68.00

Solid Military Pea Coat

Charlotte Russe, $34.99

Bongo Faux Leather Jacket

Sears, $29.99

Leopard Print Trench Coat

Gojane, $29.99

Roll Sleeve Bomber Jacket

Sears, $29.99

Studded Leatherette Jacket

Forever21, $47.80

Tweed Boyfriend Blazer

Forever21, $28.90

Double Breasted Floral Jacket

Forever21, $29.80

ASOS Jersey Lined Oversized Hood Parka

ASOS, $94.81

ASOS Spot Print Chiffon Blazer

ASOS, $60.34

Tulle ‘Kate’ Double Breasted Peacoat

Nordstrom, $74.00

BP ‘Girly’ Side Tab Knit Coat

Nordstrom, $78.00







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