Fabolous Gives His Side of Story: Says Ray J High, Coked Up and on Pills

Johnnie WaltersSeptember 20, 2011

Ray J gave his side of the story.

Now Fabolous wants to tell his side about what happened backstage at his concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Fabolous claims a fight never happened. He simply grabbed Ray J by his hoody and told the singer to calm down after he began to yell at the New York rapper at The Palms Casino.

“I yanked Ray J or ‘Lil Brandy’ up by his ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ last night,” Fabolous told DJ Clue. “I could have mopped the floor with him. My jokes on Twitter was just ‘jokes’, not meant to be taken serious, but Ray J took them personal.”

But eyewitnesses tell a different story. Many onlookers said Fabolous beat Ray J up after the singer swung at him and missed. Ray J was eventually tossed out and then later arrested by Las Vegas cops.

“It was no fight, it was no swing,” Fabolous said. “This whole story that he made up, that Tupac rant about him swinging on somebody and all of that sh*t is all lies. It’s all, high on coke, on that Whitney. That’s all on that Whitney last night. Ain’t no swings take place.”

“You can ask the Money Team. The Money Team was standing right there. Ask the Money Team that he’s probably the water boy for. There’s nothing to squash. We can progress in our own ways. He can go his way and I can go my way. He can continue playing the piano at Floyd’s crib if he wants, and I’ll continue to do what I do. He can continue to do concerts in n*ggas living rooms all he wants.”

Ray J confronted Fabolous about jokes he made on his twitter account. Fabolous poked fun at Ray J when he saw him sing “One Wish” in Floyd Mayweather’s living room during a HBO special that aired over the weekend.

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Ray J called into Power 105.1 to address the rumors. He claimed that Fabolous was running from him. Listen to the interview here on New York’s Power 105.1.

“Don’t disrespect me,” Ray J told Power 105.1. “I will smack you up again fool!  N*ggas said Ray J got beat up?  I socked that n**ga in the face. All I have to say is if you have Fab’s number, tell him to send a picture of his face right now.

“Don’t disrespect me and Floyd like that. I play piano on that muthaf*cking  piano every day. That’s my big bro. We grew up together. So if you think I just came over there and sang a song, you got me  muthaf**kin twisted. I’m with the money team right now. He’s running from me.”

Fabolous said he laughed when he heard Ray J’s interview.

“That wasn’t Willie Norwood Jr,” Fabolous told DJ Clue. “That wasn’t him. This is not no big thing to me. It is more so a war on drugs to Ray J than it is a war between Ray J and me. He’s high, coked up and on pills. His rant was hilarious to me. It was jokes to me.”



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