Ex Dodger Arrested for Allegedly Swinging Bat at Wife

Rucuss staffSeptember 29, 2011

Former Los Angeles Dodger star Milton Bradley was arrested for investigation of felony assault.

Bradley allegedly chased his wife around the house while swinging a baseball bat at her at their San Fernando Valley home. The incident began as a verbal argument that went south when Bradley took out a baseball bat and began swinging at his wife, who ran out of the home. She was not injured.

Bradley fled the scene before he was later tracked down by officers on a nearby street. His wife called the police. The 33-year old was arrested and later released from jail on $30,000 bail and is due in court Oct. 18.

Bradley, who spent 12 seasons in the MLB, is known for his volatile temper. He was arrested at the same house in January for allegedly threatening his wife. In November 2004, he was arrested after allegedly confronting a police officer during a traffic stop in Ohio.

Milton Bradley Faces 13 Years in Prison After Spousal Abuse Charges [Details]

The Dodgers traded Bradley to Oakland in 2005 after he threw a water bottle at fans and confronted a reporter in the clubhouse. In 2007, Bradley tore his ACL during an argument with an umpire. He missed the rest of the season.


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