Evelyn Lozada Talks to Iyanla Vanzant about Her Temper, Domestic Violence & Chad Johnson [Videos]

Rucuss staffSeptember 17, 2012

The two-part series of Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life with Evelyn Lozada aired over the weekend.

In both episodes, the life coach helped Lozada figure out her life’s issues. Lozada agreed to come on Vanzant’s show as a means to reshape her bad girl image. The reality star received plenty of backlash for her televised violent temper on Basketball Wives and her troubled marriage with Chad Johnson.

During Part 1 of the show, taped before domestic incident with Johnson, Lozada came to terms with the image she created as a reality star.

“You’ve been rewarded,” Vanzant told Lozada after watching a series a clips from the show, “for being out of order and a thug among women.”

During the second part of the show that was taped after the domestic violence incident with Johnson, Lozada detailed the events that led up to the alleged head-butting incident. She admitted that she knew Johnson couldn’t remain faithful during their marriage. Lozada saw signs like pictures of other women.

Lozada even admitted that there was other domestic violence incidents before she and Johnson wed. Vanzant got Evelyn to see that the reality star never dealt with being abandoned at age 10 by her father. And because she hasn’t healed, it greatly impacts her dealings with men.  Here are the highlights:

Check out excerpts from the interview:

On her temper:

“Caught up in the moment; going from 0 to 10. I always say I don’t have a medium. When that trigger goes off, it’s here. That’s how every women in my family dealt w/ conflict. That’s how my life was. My life; it’s always been chaos.”

On how her marriage ended with her getting stitches in her head:

“Not paying attention, just living life a mile a minute, working, making sure everything looks good. I would say the main thing is ignoring the million and one signs. He showed me so many times, until the day of. I feel like that’s why I’m here.”

On giving Chad permission to cheat:

“My conversation with him was that when you ever get into a place, I’d rather know. I’d rather you’d be honest w/ me. I think he just lives life in Chad’s world and doesn’t think about anything else. I’m like three weeks in, you’re not even trying. He’s really the one that wanted to get married.”

On if she ever go physical with Chad:

“Never raised a finger. That is the truth. I think that’s what hurts me the most. That people associate me on “Basketball Wives” and say that it justifies his actions. If I spoke to him about a woman, or something I seen, he would get upset. Take my phone throw it, up in my face. I don’t get that. I knew to just leave the argument alone.”

On how she felt right after the domestic violence incident:

“I was a little in shock that it went that far. All I kept telling him is ‘Your daughter’s in the house’, I don’t want her to know we’re fighting. There was blood all over my face. I said to myself, ‘This is something that I will not deal with’.”

On why she left Chad:

While pointing to her forehead, she said, “This was the deal breaker. For me it was I had visible wounds.”

Evelyn speaking to her stepdaughters about her behavior:

“Listening to you guys talk about me and my actions, and the things that I’ve done on TV, and the things that I’m not really proud of…I’m here to tell you guys I’m sorry for being a bad example.”

Evelyn thanked Vanzant for doing the therapy session via Twitter. She tweeted, “Thank you @IyanlaVanzant for helping me to explore my issues. I’m grateful for your willingness to understand and help me grow.”

Vanzant has remained in contact with Lozada since taping the show.

“She has changed. Otherwise she would have stayed with him. We’ve allowed the industry to glorify dysfunction. Before we get angry and turn our nose at our sisters we have to see what they need and what they are crying out for. After getting a glimpse of Evelyn on ‘Basketball Wives’ it surprised me that she was so vulnerable. Reality television has too much power.”

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 below.

Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (PART 1)… by Ashley_Miller_3

Part 2

Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (Part 2)… by Ashley_Miller_3


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