Evelyn Lozada Harrassed, Drops Secret Kisses Lipstick Deal

Rucuss staffDecember 23, 2011

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is not as tough as she appears to be on the show.

Lozada has been in a few scuffles onscreen but when the cameras stop rolling it appears Chad Ochocinco’s fiance runs scared. Or does she? Lozada was announced as the new spokesperson for Secret Kisses Lipstick and Lip Gloss line in November. She tweeted about the deal a few times but we haven’t heard anything else about the products since.


There were reports that model and entrepreneur Keyshia Dior was allegedly upset that Lozada was endorsing the brand. Dior tweeted that she was pissed off about the deal and she didn’t know why Lozada attended her launch party for her own lipstick line ‘Ka’Oir.’ Dior’s beef is that the two lines offer identical lipstick shades.

Keyshia Dior tweets

Keyshia was quoted as telling a friend, “I told her not to do the line and she did it anyway. I’mma make her life miserable.” Keyshia’s friends allegedly began harassing Evelyn after she signed her lucrative contract with the Secret Kisses brand. They called Lozada and threatened her so much that she feared for her life. The harassment resulted in Lozada ending her contract with Secret Kisses.

Although, Evelyn claimed she feared for her life she still partied with Dior. She poised for a picture with Dior at rapper Trina’s birthday party in Miami a few weeks ago.

No word on whether Lozada will get hit with a breach of contract suit, but Secret Kisses is suing Keyshia for breach of contract. The brand alleges Dior stole money and stocks from the company, according to court documents. Secret Kisses claims Dior used the stolen money to launch her new line Ka’Oir.

In the full 65-page complaint filed against Keyshia Dior by Ronell Levatte, the majority owner, founder and financier of Secret Kisses, he alleges that:

1) Damages exceed $100,000

2) Ronell & Keyshia joined forces for many business ventures, one of  which was to promote Secret Kisses. Ronell owns 51% while Keyshia owns 49% but  acted as co-managers.

3) Keyshia started Ka’Oir earlier this year even though she was contractually  obligated to Secret Kisses. Around March 2011, she took $7,400 from the company  to start Ka’Oir without permission and created another LLC.

4)She began taking customers from Secret Kisses and sending them over to  Ka’Oir, saying that products were no longer available on SK’s website and people  needed to visit her new site for sales. [Copies and screenshots of Twitter and  Facebook messages are included]

5) Keyshia made defaming remarks about Ronell and his company in emails  calling SK “bogus” and that Keyshia’s name and likeness were being used “illegally.” Customers made disputes with Paypal requesting refunds after being  told the lipsticks were a fake Keyshia Dior brand.

Levatte claims he tried to take care of the situation without getting the courts involved but had no  luck with Dior.


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