Erykah Badu Interviews Kendrick Lamar, Asks How He Selects His Groupies!

Rucuss staffMay 10, 2013

Erykah Badu stepped away from the microphone to play reporter for Interview magazine.

While Kendrick Lamar waited for a flight at the airport in Denver, Badu asked him all sorts of questions ranging from how he picks his groupies to his favorite cereal. Badu even school the Compton rapper on what a ‘asshole checker’ is.

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Check out some of the highlights from the interview below.

BADU: How do you choose chicks from backstage?

LAMAR: How do I choose chicks from backstage?

BADU: Yeah, what is the protocol?

LAMAR: I try not to. [laughs] I’m too scared. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m probably the most scared person when it comes to that because I’m so caught up in the act of sex, of something going crazy, going out of my control. I’m too paranoid.

BADU: [laughs] So you just pass?

LAMAR: I’ve got to because I’ve seen a situation where it got totally out of hand, where something seemed so innocent, and now this person has got allegations on them. It spooked me. This was before my career really started, though—before any “Kendrick Lamar.” And that right there? It changed my whole perception about certain things. I’ll always keep that in the back of my head.

BADU: So who is your asshole-checker?

LAMAR: Who is my what?

BADU: Your asshole-checker—the person in your crew or your family who let’s you know if you’re being a asshole.

LAMAR: I have two, actually. [both laugh] But the main one is a friend of mine—a lady friend who has known me since high school. She has always been someone, since day one, who has said something whenever I’m an asshole, or also if I’m doin’ something positive—but more so when I’m out of my element.

BADU: What’s your favorite cereal?

LAMAR: Fruity Pebbles. When people ask for my rider, they think I’m crazy: Fruity Pebbles, baked chicken, bottle of Hennessy, and some Polo socks.

BADU: What do you, as a man, envy about what it means to be a woman?

LAMAR: There’s just a certain knowledge instilled in a woman. There are these things that women have that men just can’t grasp: the understanding of love; the understanding of being; having a certain type of care in your heart and knowing when to be compassionate; knowing how to be a confidante…

BADU: That’s a good perspective. Something I envy that men have is that ability to grow a goatee. I think that’d be really hot on me.

BADU: Would you ever let a girl paint your toenails, just for fun?

LAMAR: Paint my toenails for fun? I don’t know—I’d have to be in that type of moment…But I don’t think so. [laughs]

BADU: Even if she promised to take it off right afterwards? After she took a picture…

LAMAR: After she took the picture? No. She’s gonna leak the picture. [laughs]

Read the full interview over at Interview magazine.


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