Erykah Badu Trades Insults With Woman on Twitter: ‘Calm Your Fake, Righteous A** Down!’ [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 8, 2013

Erykah Badu is pretty low key when it comes to staying out of social media beefs with celebrities and fans.

But something struck a nerve with Badu on Friday night. A woman that goes by the Twitter name of @HoldenSaysWha made a sly comment that Budu always shows up late to events after one of her fans said she was excited about attending a upcoming show. The woman even mentioned the Bag Lady singer in her tweet.

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Badu saw the comment and all hell broke loose. The two women traded insults back and forth. Check out the exchange below.

The woman by the name of Knorr Holden (pictured above) tweeted:

“did i hit a nerve? lol. Calm ur fat, fake righteous *ss down “Fat belly  bella” … Lol Erykah “I have 20 baby daddies” Badu.. trynna punk me on  twitter…b*tch please…@fatbellybella … Im  Somali B*tch…We have long Necks #Nerfetitineck @fatbellybella … Fake  conscious *ss….70 baby daddy having *ss, no talent having *ss, …@fatbellybella …so …so what  b*tch,,,,i called u out and now u mad..get out my mentions fat belly bella…tend  to ur a mom.@fatbellybella … Lol  ….

You have no idea how to insult me…get off my looks Erykah im East African..Im immuned to ugly insults .. @fatbellybella … Done what fake conscious b*tch…come at me….you AND UR 80 baby daddies INDUSTRY HO @fatbellybella…why lie to the young ones be ho on the down low and act righteous for the world 2 c….how do u live with yo fake *ss? @fatbellybella …hell this is making my boring ass nite..Ur the big time celebrity with everything 2 loose..@fatbellybella think b4 u tweet..Also answer me…No Erykah….the ugly is seepin thru you. Always has. This lame twitter beef with me is proof enough… @fatbellybella :)

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Badu responded:

“sit yo window seat head *ss down. @HoldenSaysWha long neck *ss.  … ol lolly pop head *ss … head look like somebody been suckin on it .  Ol bee bee head *ss….ol large nostril having *ss .. Suckin up all the air and  sh*t . Sit down . don’t try to run now .. Ol 123 waaaayback head *ss….you  worried bout the wrong thing girl. U need to concentrate on how u gone get that  shirt off over yo head….okay okay u are right . I will walk away in shame. Your  head is fine.wobble d wobble d wob head *ss …first thing im going to need from  you is this : write me a paragraph and underline the noun once and the verb  twice. …

Lol sorry y’all . This is what happens when BULLY’s get drug….What if I don’t  want to ignore the insult ? What if I wanna drag her ? It Tickles me. Jeeeez,  I’m sorry . Nobodies perfik. thought it was okay 2insult someone u don’t  know? How does it feel 2you? U like people saying mean things bout U?  Bully.”

Some people always want to disrespect artists on social media websites but it appears Baud is not willing to give them a pass any longer.

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