Eminem Has Awkward Inteview During Michigan-Notre Dame Game

Rucuss staffSeptember 8, 2013

Eminem made a guest appearance during the Michigan-Notre Dame game on Saturday night.

Slim Shady joined Brent Musburger and Kerk Herbstreit in the booth to promote his new music video, Berzerk. And things got really awkward very quickly.

The awkwardness began when Eminem stared at the screen stone-faced for a few seconds before saying he’s not used to “live TV” because it “freaks him out.” Then he asked to have the question repeated.

Later, Herbstreit asked Eminem what he was most excited about the album, and he answered “nothing” with a straight face. Eminem finally got comfortable and told Musburger that he was on his fantasy announcer team along with Pat Summerall, Al Michaels and John Madden.

“You’re a legend,” Eminem said to Musburger. The ESPN host replied,“You my friend, are the legend.”

Then Musburger asked the Detroit native whether he liked the Detroit Lions to cover on Sunday. Eminem declined to make a pick because he didn’t want to jinx his hometown team.

Watch it all unfold below.


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