Embarrassing Moment! Drake Sends In Security To Warn Tattoo Artist

Rucuss staffJanuary 13, 2012

Drake is one of the hottest rappers in the game.

The Canadian is no slouch lyrically. He has bars for days and will battle you. Just ask Common. But he may need a crash course in the proper way to threaten someone.

Drake had some harsh words for tattoo artist Kevin Campbell who inked a woman’s forehead with his name last year. Drake responded in an interview, “F*ck you’ to that tattoo artist by the way because you’re an asshole for real. You should lose your job and never do tattoos again and I don’t f*ck with you and if I ever see you I’m going to f*ck you up.”

Drake Wants to F*ck Up the Tattoo Artist That Put His Name On A Fan’s Forehead

That was in response to Campbell’s interview he did after the woman’s tattoo went public. Campbell said, “I didn’t know who Drake was, I figured it was her hood or some sh*t, not some goofnugget R&B dude.” He added in another interview, “Drake is the softest motherfu*cker in hip hop.”

Drake never forgot about the tattoo artist and decided to pay him a visit. Drake allegedly went to his shop but he never got out of the car. Campbell claims Drake sent in his security to deliver a warning. Campbell wrote on his Facebook page, “Drake sent his security detail into the shop to inform me that ‘nobody is going to hurt Drake in the state of California.’ I don’t remember ever saying I was going to hurt him, but maybe they were referring to his feelings.”

Campbell then elaborated on Twitter:

“Guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in LA last, he parked out front of the shop and sent in this huge security dude. Calling Drake “soft” was like calling Justin Bieber a p**sy. I kinda feel bad for the dude now.

Drake said he would beat my ass, not me. Now I’m just embarrassed for him. He made himself look like a weenie. I just think it’s funny that he made the threats and when I actually responded, he sent in the troops.”

After someone asked on Twitter did the security put their hands on him, Campbell replied, “Naw they just told me that “this was my first warning”.

Embarrassing! Drake, you could have at least told Campbell yourself with your security standing there.


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