Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant Feud Over Top 10 Picks [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 25, 2013

Miami Hear star Dwyane Wade doesn’t have patience for some of the newcomers in the league.

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant gave his opinion about his top 10 players in the league and Wade wasn’t amused. You see, Durant left D-Wade off his list. And the two have since taken subliminal shots at each other on Twitter.

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It all started on Tuesday when Durant did a few interviews on behalf of Degree. During his interview with CineSport’s Noah Coslov the host mentioned that SI published their Top 100 players of 2014. Coslov asked for Durant’s opinion of the top 10. Check out the list below.

1. LeBron James; 2. Kevin Durant; 3. Chris Paul; 4. Tony Parker; 5. Russell Westbrook; 6. Tim Duncan; 7. Dwight Howard; 8. Dwyane Wade; 9. Kobe Bryant; 10. Carmelo Anthony

When asked who was missing from the list, Durant said his former OKC teammate, James Harden. Coslov then asked who Harden should replace on the list and Durant said Wade.

Wade caught wind of the interview and he posted a note on Instagram.

Dwyane Wade Kevin Durant Instagram

Shortly after Wade’s post, Durant sub-tweeted the Heat star.

Kevin Durant D Wade

Watch Durant talk about the top 10 list below.

Durant Says He’d Take Harden Over Wade by CineSport


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