Dwyane Wade Has Jazz Fan Kicked Out of Game For Heckling [Video]

Rucuss staffJanuary 15, 2013

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade had a rough night in Utah.

The Heat superstar didn’t play his best game in the 104-97 loss against the Utah Jazz Monday night. His play was lackluster and he was benched the entire fourth quarter. And to make matters worse, Wade was tormented by Jazz fans.

In the third quarter, a Jazz fan apparently got under Wade’s skin so much that he asked arena staff to have him removed from the game. Miami was trailing by 20 at the time. The rules of fans heckling are simple. As long as spectators aren’t talking about your family or threatening bodily harm to players it is fair game.

Wade never commented on what the Jazz fan said. But whatever it was probably pales in comparison to what Wade heard while the fan was escorted out of the arena. Watch below.


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