Drake Stumbles On Stage and Does A Somersault to Recover! [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 21, 2012

Drake is ready for anything when it comes to his performances.

The Canadian rapper knows all too well that falling on stage comes with the territory. So when he tumbled while performing Take Care Thursday night, he made it look effortless on his Club Paradise tour in Birmingham, England.

After he gestured to the audience to sing Rihanna’s part of the song, Drake tried to step back but ended up falling to the ground. He quickly did a somersault and hoped to his feet without missing a beat.

Fans may have thought it was part of the show as he yelled to the crowd: “You got me flipping like it’s my motherf—in’ birthday I swear,” he tells the crowd after his tumble.

Check out the tumble around that 1:31 mark below.


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