Drake Says He’s A Fan of Skylar Diggins, Criticism Is Sexist [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 25, 2014

Drake doesn’t care what people think, he’s going to keep posting photos of WNBA player Skylar Diggins.

Although Drake wants the world to know that he’s just a fan, many are skeptical about it. The Trophies rapper seems to be trying to get Diggins’ attention for some time. He’s posted numerous photos of the baller on Instagram.

On Tuesday night, Drake didn’t post a photo of Diggins, but wore a yellow, No. 4 Tulsa Shock shirt, sipping thirstily from not one, but two red cups. He also posted the caption: “Feeling truly blessed today. Been down and I’m grateful to be on my feet in this wonderful weather with wonderful people.”

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Drake in Skylar Diggins tee

Many of Drake’s followers commented that he being ‘thirsty.’ As a response, Drake posted a video of his friend OB OBrien responding to their comments. He believes the negative feedback is extremely sexist.

It’s sexist and I won’t stand for it. You wanna be verbal bullies to my dog, Champagne [Drake] when the fact is…he’s a fan of how she plays the game! Is she an absolute top goddess draped in Dri-FIT? That’s for you to decide. We like the way she plays the game and she handles herself like a lady. [Drake: Like a lady….] So what’s gonna happen, bro? You think Champagne’s gonna fly her private to some fancy island with an NBA regulation court and weight training facility? It’s just not gonna happen, bro. She’s like the homie though. She’s like Paul George. Paul George never made me feel like this. Not right here! [heart].

Will give Drake the benefit of the doubt. But the only thing standing between Drake and Diggins is her longtime boyfriend, Daniel Smith. He’s seen Drake’s posts, and he’s not impressed.

In May, Smith posted his own picture of Diggins on Instagram, tagging Drake in the caption.

Skylar Diggins and her boyfriend

Drake didn’t respond to Smith’s photo. He probably doesn’t care.

Photos via Instagram


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