Drake Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin [Photos]

Rucuss staffMarch 19, 2014

Drake celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

While in the city for his Would You Like a Tour?, Drake hung out at a bar with a few friends and downed a few drinks in honor of the holiday. And they made sure they dressed for the occasion. Drake and his OVO crew wore green T-shirts and bandanas.

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Drake and his crew posed with a few fans while partying inside the bar. The Canadian rapper even shared a few photos on Instagram. Check them out below.






Meanwhile, Rihanna was spotted in New York with a new look. She got rid of the bob she wore while spending time with Drake overseas for a long ponytail. According to TMZ, the two have gone from hooking up to seriously dating.

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The Daily Star reports:

“Rihanna and Drake are just having fun at the moment. Neither of them are relationship people really.”

“But Drake has made it clear that if things are going to get serious with them, he doesn’t want her speaking with Chris. They are never going to get along properly.”

Drake’s tour continues with a show at Dublin’s O2 Arena Tuesday night.

Photos via Instagram


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