Does Reggie Bush Still Have Feelings For Kim Kardashian?

Rucuss staffNovember 3, 2011

Does NFL football player Reggie Bush want Kim Kardashian back?

Bush hasn’t found that special someone to call his girlfriend. And many believe it’s because he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend of three years. According to, Bush is still in love with Kim. He wants to get back together once the backlash from her divorce with Kris Humphries dies down.

“Reggie has been miserable in Miami, especially since his team isn’t doing well and hasn’t won a game,” a source told Hollywoodlife. “Obviously his buddies and teammates have been joking around about Kim’s divorce to him, but he’s just trying to keep his focus on the game. Everyone keeps saying things like, ‘Now is your chance to get in on that again.’” reported that Kim and Bush had a lunch date just days before she filed for divorce. They met up at Bar Massa in New York.

“Reggie and Kim still talk, but he’s really trying to distance himself from her right now and I would be shocked if he went up to visit her or meet up, unless it was by accident,” the source said. “I bet they’ll meet behind closed doors or if they are both in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl or appearances.”

Reggie and Kim began dating in 2007 and ended the relationship in 2010. They were introduced by Reggie’s USC teammate, Matt Leinart, at the ESPY Awards.

“Everyone thinks that Reggie and Kim broke up because he couldn’t commit,” a source told “But really she broke his heart. It came down to trust and he just couldn’t trust Kim.”

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