Do Celebrities Really Cook in These Kitchens? [Photos]

Rucuss staffDecember 5, 2011

Celebrities spend millions to live a lavish lifestyle.

They earn big and spend big. Celebs buy jewelry, luxury cars and anything they can pretty much get their hands on. Where they lay their heads is not exception. They spend millions on property that usually boasts game rooms, home theaters and multi-car garages. Despite not picking up a pan, their kitchens are top-notch. From marble or granite counter tops to sub-zero appliances, they are the envy of many.

Now, we know they get use out of the theatre rooms, game rooms and garages, but do they really cook in those pricey kitchens? We’re pretty sure the hired help are the ones slicing and dicing in those fabulous kitchens. has put together a list of five celebrity kitchens worthy of a wonderful dinner party:

Taylor Swift’s Kitchen
Location: Beverly Hills, CA

The quaint aesthetic is consistent with her down-to-earth image.

Country songstress Taylor Swift decided to go Hollywood by picking up a new California estate this past year. She bought a private piece of Beverly Hills real estate for $3.97 million. Perhaps the thing that may have swayed the Grammy-award winning artist is the spacious kitchen.

Taylor occasionally posts on Twitter that she’s baking or cooking and this kitchen looks like the perfect place to do both — or, maybe just eat the cookie dough.

With an enormous double-door refrigerator and large butcher-block counter, Swift’s kitchen will be perfect for her late-night cooking sessions.

Will Smith’s Kitchen
Location: 25 Bond St Apt 4, New York, NY 10012

The modern 5-bedroom apartment includes four wood-burning fireplaces.

The multi-talented Will Smith was a Philly-born rapper who got his start in Hollywood as a teen adjusting to the ritzy life in L.A. in TV’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” He has since moved on to be one of Hollywood’s leading men and producers, not to mention father of some budding movie screen stars.

But does the Fresh Prince’s artistic abilities translate into the kitchen?

While Will spends most of his time in L.A. homes with his family, he temporarily rented a SoHo apartment in Manhattan in 2010 while filming “Men In Black III.” Will dropped a reported $55,000 a month for the penthouse which not only boasts skyline views, steam shower, wood-burning fireplace but a “performance kitchen” with two of everything and plenty of room for the Smith crew.

Kardashians’ Kitchen
Location: Hidden Hills, CA

Newly single Kim Kardashian still lives in New York.

Another reality TV family, the Kardashians, had their share of kitchen moments as well. Owned by Kris and Bruce Jenner, this Hidden Hills mansion was the filming location of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and home base for Kim, Kourtney and the rest of the girls.

While Kim Kardashian isn’t necessarily known for her cooking (presently, she’s known for her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries) her mom, Kris, did her fair share in the marble and granite kitchen.

The Kardashian clan moved out of the home when they listed the property for $3.395 million in 2008.

Brad Pitt’s Kitchen
Location: Malibu, CA

Wide windows provide a sweeping view of the ocean.

According to the Huffington Post, Brad and Angelina have never been big cooks, which may explain why Brad’s bachelor pad in Malibu has a kitchen that looks more appropriate for mixing drinks than making dinner.

Brad bought the slice of beachfront Malibu real estate in 2005 for $8.41 million — shortly after his split from Jennifer Aniston. He spent several million customizing the mid-century modern, but as he and Angelina spend most their time in Europe, he listed the home for $13.75 million.

And perhaps Brad will have lots more time in a kitchen somewhere since he floated the idea of retiring from acting in three years.

Jennifer Aniston’s Kitchen
Location: New York, NY

The penthouse is “small” for an A-list celebrity, but has a staggering 900 square-foot terrace.

Not only is Jennifer Aniston the leading lady of Hollywood, but lately she’s been a leading lady of real estate. She picked up a penthouse in New York’s West Village in April for $5.9 million. Now celebrity real estate blogs have been chasing rumors that Aniston and current beau Justin Theroux are in the market for a different Manhattan apartment.

Her kitchen in the West Village penthouse is on the smaller side for an A-Lister, but Aniston didn’t just grab one penthouse. She took two next to each other and likely has plans for big a kitchen expansion. Regardless of future real estate plans, Aniston will have to make do with the sleek space and stainless steel appliances that already make up her cooking quarters.

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