DMX Delivers Sermon-Like Poem During St. Louis Concert [Video]

Rucuss staffMay 13, 2013

DMX has never thought twice about stopping a performance and talking about Jesus.

And DMX did just that during a performance in St. Louis. A video has emerged from a performance in March where DMX recited the lines of his ‘Prayer’ poem. It was powerful and enlightening.

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DMX said:

Lord Jesus; you have brought me from a place so dark to the point, where I can now feel love in my heart. And I know it’s just a start, and there is more to come. So now I embrace it, when I used to run. Didn’t know what I was running from or, running towards. ‘Til one day I saw it, I was running for the Lord. And when I came back, you accepted me with open arms and said, “All is forgiven,” and I became so strong that, I can fight off the Devil with the spoken word SAYING, “Devil I rebuke you,” that’s all that was heard. Cause no matter what I’ve been through, I could deal with it. Because of what I went through, I was still fitted with the armor, that comes with the blood of Jesus. Among evil and suffering, He sees us.

But when you’re LOST, He will lead the flock to find the one. Just like any father trying to find his son. And let me remind you, no matter where you’re at He will FIND you! And help you put the negative behind you LORD GIVE ME A SIGN! Please let me know you’re here Or at least, let me know, you’re near. Remind me to call you, when we need you Remind me to call you, because we all need to AND GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO MAKE IT THROUGH JUST ONE MORE DAY! IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME WE  PRAY!


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DMX revealed to Global Grind last year that he was ordained as a deacon at Morning Star Church.

“Yeah, I read the whole bible,” DMX told Global Grind. “I just been made a deacon at the church I used  to go to – Morning Star. I would like my first sermon to be there or in Yonkers. The biggest step is not in the studying, reading, but the wanting to change the way you live. Wanting different things for yourself, and making that change because if you still want to drink and smoke, you could read as much as you want, that doesn’t mean you’re ready.”

Watch the footage below.


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