Django Unchained Action Figures Pulled Off Shelves [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 18, 2013

The controversial dolls based off the movie Django Unchained have been discontinued.

Distributor National Entertainment Collectibles Association shut down production on the controversial  figures after groups including Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Project Islamic Hope boycotted the dolls, TMZ reports.

Both groups said the dolls were “highly offensive” to the African American community and trivialized “the horrors of slavery.” The website said The Weinstein Company asked for the toys to be shelved.

 photo 0118-django-toys-3_zps17efd45a.jpg

Six dolls were put out on the market with nearly 1,000 of the dolls released to the public. They were intended for ages 15 and up. Each doll was priced around $30 each. But since news hit that the dolls were discontinued some have spiked in price to $200 on Amazon and Ebay.


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