DJ Quik Threatens to Sue YG Over ‘My Ni**a’ [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 8, 2016

DJ Quik is fed up with YG.

The Compton rapper aired out all his dirty laundry on social media. In June, Quik said he was “about to sue” a fellow “Compton rapper.” On Sunday, Quik revealed who that was in a series of tweets aimed at YG.

“@stampedemgmt, Y’all had me engineer and record My Ni**a for @YG and did not give me credit,” Quik wrote. “My Lawyer has You His sights. You’ve fucked up.”

Quik continued, “@YG be safe on the block I invented. @stampedemgmt @SnoopDogg aren’t you all the same company? You don’t FUCK with Dj Quik…This will be in the press in the morning assholes…@stampedemgmt @YG y’all not the truth. #thestreetstalk. @YG @Jeezy shoot me my engineering credits for stemming and recording vocals on your platinum song My Hitta or whatever u call it,” he continued. “@Jeezy @stampedemgmt @YG and shoot my Platinum plaque to: Dj Quik. I’ll wait…@DefJamRecords there’s some fugazi on the west with my plaque for “My Hitta.” My wall is missing an Award. #RIAA.”

YG appeared to respond this morning with a screenshot of Quik’s past tweets and the caption “Fuck the police @djquik.”


yg dj quik

Quik has since deleted his Twitter outburst but he did create a video message captioned with “Run me my money. #UbitchU” while telling whomever it may concern, “Don’t play with grown folks.” “My Ni**a,” with a censored version titled “My Hitta,” was released in 2013. A year later, it appeared on YG’s My Krazy Life.

In 2014, YG and Quik collaborated on “Bicken Back Being Bool (Remix)” off YG’s Blame It On the Streets soundtrack. “Ni**a,” Quik says on the song. “You remind me of my crazy life.”


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